Thrive's Ear Seeding Resources

Thanks for being a part of our community of ear seeding explorers!   We've provided resources here to help your on your ear seeding journey. Check back soon as we'll be adding more tools, tutorials, and tips for success.

The Ultimate Ear Seeds Video Course

Includes a video tutorial for applying and removing ear seeds, FAQs, best practices, and more info on ear seeding children and during pregnancy. Registration required to get access to the online video course.

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Get the Video Tutorial for Menstrual Cramps & Find Relief Today!

Discover how to find the three main ear points to relieve menstrual cramps and get a step-by-step tutorial on use ear seeds to ease cramps. Get Instant Access.

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Unleash the Power of Shen Men Ebook 

Get started with auriculotherapy by using the most powerful and versatile ear point -- Shen Men. In less than 15 minutes you'll have everything you need to start helping your clients or patients with Shen Men.

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