The Easiest & Fastest Way for Health Professionals to Get Started with Ear Seeds

In less than 15 minutes you'll have everything you need to unleash the power of Shen Men in your practice including:


Enhancing Your Treatments

Discover how ear seeding and auriculotherapy can enhance your existing treatments, broaden the conditions you can address, and create another revenue stream for your practice.

Service-Based Practice Growth

For heart-centered health professionals you can implement a practice growth strategy that will let you shine! You can attract and reactivate clients, without resorting to discounts or Groupons.

Done-For-You Marketing Plan

Get over 12 done-for-you marketing templates that you can download, customize and use right away, including marketing materials, sign up forms, emails and social media posts.

One Point, Many Benefits!

My clinic is now the "go-to" place for auriculotherapy thanks to the ear seeds demo events. One client, who was initially skeptical of ear seeds, left my chair feeling drastically better after trying a few points including Shen Men. She returned with a huge smile on her face to buy a kit and make another appointment. It's amazing to see how such a simple (and fun) treatment can empower and help clients get relief.

~Dr. Melissa Durfey DACM, LE

Melissa Durfey Headshot