Ear Seeds PRO Club Membership

Coaching & Support to Grow Your Ear Seeding Business & Help More People

Building your ear seeds business alone is hard! But it doesn't have to be that way!

The Ear Seeds PRO Club is the community hub helping you master your ear seeding business. Robin & Elie provide members with unparalleled tools, education and support, helping you save time, money and flourish in a thriving wellness community.

Here's what your membership includes:

  1. Focused Business Training: Monthly social media, email marketing, and more, customized for wellness. Propel your success journey! 
  2. Success Lab Group Coaching: Monthly sessions addressing questions, resolving issues, and steering you towards goals.
  3. Growing Templates Library: Save time with regularly-updated, ready-to-use content such as e-books, workshop slides, promo materials & more
  4. Exclusive Ear Seeding Classes: Monthly expert insights. Stay informed and relevant! 
  5. Protocols App: Instant access to 50+ protocols in your pocket. Expert guidance on the go with the Simplero App!
  6. Community Forum: Connect with fellow ear seeding professionals, make sure your protocols are on point & get help!

Empower your journey in the ear seeding world with the Ear Seeds PRO Club — your steadfast guide to wellness success. Our club members are succeeding in business, building their clientele, educating their communities and becoming powerhouses in business!

This club works best for ear seeding professionals that are:

  • Resourceful action takers
  • Ready to grow or integrate ear seeding in their business now
  • Willing to dedicate time each month to focus on business growth
  • Implement what they learn
  • Open to asking for help in the forum and coaching sessions
  • "Go-givers" - ready to offer help and support to others

If this sounds like you, you'd be a perfect fit for the club! 

Valued at over $397 per month! 

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