Unleash your healing potential with our combined Ear Seeds Mastery Certification, incorporating both Level 1 and Level 2. No prior licensing is needed, open to all willing learners.

Level 1: Foundational Skills

Delve into the art of non-invasive auriculotherapy techniques using ear seeds. We smoothly break down the science into digestible modules that cover the foundational aspects of auricular point location, function, and diagnosis across 11 zones. By the end of the first module, you'll begin crafting protocols that address a wide landscape of health conditions.

Level 2: Advanced Mastery

Level 2 expands your capacity with advanced auricular protocols for an even broader range of conditions, backed by research and case studies.

Everything from extensive modules, bonus training to excellent payment plans are tailored to guide you seamlessly from beginner to Certified Ear Seeds Mastery Practitioner‚ĄĘ. Embrace the art of natural therapies and become a beacon of holistic health with our Ear Seeds Mastery Certification program.


With this certification, you'll become skilled non-invasive auriculotherapy techniques with ear seeds. No state or regulatory licensing is required, so anyone from any background can take this certification and start helping other with ear seeds. 

We'll arm you with foundational skills in auricular point location, function, and diagnosis for 11 zones of the. We break the training down into doable modules that anyone can learn with ease. Within the first module, you'll start putting together protocols to address a variety of health conditions and by the end of the course you'll be able to start helping clients address hundreds of conditions. 

Unlike other certification courses, we go above and beyond and include bonus business training classes to help you launch a successful ear seeding business and give you a plan for getting your first clients. If you already have a practice, you'll learn how to integrate ear seeds to add another revenue stream!

Within three short months, you can be prepared for the Level I Certification exam and kickstart your new career


Keep the momentum going and elevate your ear seeding skills with our Level 2 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification program. Designed to build your confidence and broaden your skillset, this course delves into advanced auricular protocols for a diverse range of conditions, advanced auricular diagnosis, along with research and case studies. Upon passing the examination you'll become Ear Seeds Mastery Certified Practitioner.

This self-paced online program includes 12 modules covering Advanced Ear Seeding Techniques, Musculo-Skeletal Protocols, Digestive Protocols, Respiratory Protocols, Neurological Protocols, Stress & Mental Health Protocols, Urinary & Prostate Protocols, General Endocrine Protocols, Hormone Imbalance Protocols, Pediatric Protocols,  Phototherapy & Electronic Point Detection, and an Exam Review.

Coaching & Support to Grow Your Ear Seeding Business & Help More People


Growing your ear seeding practice can be a challenge when you're doing it solo. The Ear Seeds PRO Club invites you into a community where collective knowledge powers individual success.

Benefit from essential business training, monthly coaching, a rich templates library, and exclusive classes‚ÄĒall resources at your fingertips to ensure your business thrives.

Includes the monthly ear seeds training classes and their replays ($97 value).

Connect with peers in a dedicated forum, access 50+ expert protocols through our app, and continuously enrich your practice with fresh insights. This club is designed for proactive ear seeding professionals ready to excel, integrate knowledge, and actively engage with a supportive network.

If you have a passion for growth, a commitment to learning, and a spirit of collaboration, this club will be the catalyst for your success.

On-Demand Class with 6-MONTH ACCESS


Explore our nurturing class on ear seeds for infants and toddlers taught be pediatric acupuncturist & auriculotherapy expert Robin Green, L.Ac., MCTM. Ear seeds are a natural, non-invasive therapy for your baby's health. Learn gentle, effective protocols to soothe colic, reflux, teething, and more with ear seeding. Robin will also share protocols for parents including insufficient lactation, exhaustion, and anxiety.  Sign up now to comfortably integrate holistic care into your little one's life and be prepared to relieve discomfort when it arises.

On-Demand Class with 6-MONTH ACCESS


How to Formulate an Ear Seeds Protocol: An Auriculotherapy Training Class is designed for health professionals looking to refine their auriculotherapy skills, treat multiple conditions at once, and create personalized ear seeding protocols for each client. In this intermediate-level class, you'll gain access to invaluable insights and a framework that will empower you to craft tailored auriculotherapy protocols with confidence.



Welcome to a groundbreaking workshop, taught by leading authority in auriculotherapy, Elie Goldschmidt. This workshop is designed exclusively for health professionals and wellness enthusiasts eager to explore the synergy between traditional techniques and modern research for enhancing eye health.

Learn firsthand the specific ear seed protocols that have shown significant promise in supporting various eye health issues. Delve into the latest studies and findings on how ear seeds can be a game-changer for people suffering from dry eye, redness, irritation, blurry vision, and allergies.

with Done-for-You Templates, Signs, Scripts, and More


Save tons of time and money and get everything you need to host an Ear Seeds Demo Event including how to find events, what to say during a demo, what you should offer free vs. paid,  price lists, sign up sheets, ear seeds educational signage, and more. This ebook is your complete guide to hosting a successful demo event  from home parties to wellness expos and everything in between. 



Marketing strategist and acupuncturist, Michelle Grasek, walks you through strategies to inject new energy into your Instagram account in order to attract new patients. If you’ve ever felt burnt out by social media, frustrated by the algorithm, or like you’re making a ton of effort for very little result, this class is for you. Michelle shares tips and fresh new ideas to help increase engagement, foster creativity, and generate more patients/clients. The goal: turn more followers into real-life patients!


Join our interactive Ear & Body Points Combo Workshop led by the auriculotherapy experts, Elie Goldschmidt & Robin Green. They will share how to combine ear and body points to treat a wide variety of conditions for pain, muscle spasms, respiratory conditions, digestive conditions, neurological conditions, stress & mental health conditions, urinary conditions, and hormone imbalances. They will discuss acupressure, e-stim, and phototherapy to non-invasively stimulation acupuncture body points.


Join our interactive Ear Seeds for Weight Loss workshop led by the auriculotherapy expert, Elie Goldschmidt. Elie will show you 10 different, and unique weight loss strategies, all using ear seeds, that you can apply to yourself or your clients... starting with the research! Registration includes live Q&A session during the workshop plus 6-month access to the replay in the Thrive Ear Seeds online educational portal.

On-Demand Workshop with 6-Month Access


Join our interactive Ear Seeding workshop led by the pediatric health expert, Robin Ray Green. Learn how to address your child's top 10 health concerns naturally, from mental health and digestive issues to sleep and focus disorders. 6-month access to replay included.