On-Demand Class with 6-MONTH ACCESS


Learn simple 2 point ear seed combos for 45+ health conditions for issues like pain, headaches, anxiety, stress, depression, pediatric conditions and so much more. Comes with illustrated workbook.

With Auriculotherapy Expert, Elie Goldschmidt on Thursday, October 12th at 10 am PT


Join our interactive auricular diagnosis workshop led by the auriculotherapy expert, Elie Goldschmidt. You'll be introduced to Auricular Diagnosis and how observing the ear can help you understand health issues and pinpoint root causes. You'll learn what to look for on the ear and discover how ear lines can signal potential health issues. Registration includes live Q&A session during the workshop plus 6-month access to the replay in the Thrive Ear Seeds online educational portal.

On-Demand Workshop with 6-Month Access


Join our interactive Ear Seeding workshop led by the pediatric health expert, Robin Ray Green. Learn how to address your child's top 10 health concerns naturally, from mental health and digestive issues to sleep and focus disorders. 6-month access to replay included.