Unleash your healing potential with our combined Ear Seeds Mastery Certification, incorporating both Level 1 and Level 2. No prior licensing is needed, open to all willing learners.

Level 1: Foundational Skills

Delve into the art of non-invasive auriculotherapy techniques using ear seeds. We smoothly break down the science into digestible modules that cover the foundational aspects of auricular point location, function, and diagnosis across 11 zones. By the end of the first module, you'll begin crafting protocols that address a wide landscape of health conditions.

Level 2: Advanced Mastery

Level 2 expands your capacity with advanced auricular protocols for an even broader range of conditions, backed by research and case studies.

Everything from extensive modules, bonus training to excellent payment plans are tailored to guide you seamlessly from beginner to Certified Ear Seeds Mastery Practitioner‚ĄĘ. Embrace the art of natural therapies and become a beacon of holistic health with our Ear Seeds Mastery Certification program.


With this certification, you'll become skilled non-invasive auriculotherapy techniques with ear seeds. No state or regulatory licensing is required, so anyone from any background can take this certification and start helping other with ear seeds. 

We'll arm you with foundational skills in auricular point location, function, and diagnosis for 11 zones of the. We break the training down into doable modules that anyone can learn with ease. Within the first module, you'll start putting together protocols to address a variety of health conditions and by the end of the course you'll be able to start helping clients address hundreds of conditions. 

Unlike other certification courses, we go above and beyond and include bonus business training classes to help you launch a successful ear seeding business and give you a plan for getting your first clients. If you already have a practice, you'll learn how to integrate ear seeds to add another revenue stream!

Within three short months, you can be prepared for the Level I Certification exam and kickstart your new career


Keep the momentum going and elevate your ear seeding skills with our Level 2 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification program. Designed to build your confidence and broaden your skillset, this course delves into advanced auricular protocols for a diverse range of conditions, advanced auricular diagnosis, along with research and case studies. Upon passing the examination you'll become Ear Seeds Mastery Certified Practitioner.

This self-paced online program includes 12 modules covering Advanced Ear Seeding Techniques, Musculo-Skeletal Protocols, Digestive Protocols, Respiratory Protocols, Neurological Protocols, Stress & Mental Health Protocols, Urinary & Prostate Protocols, General Endocrine Protocols, Hormone Imbalance Protocols, Pediatric Protocols,  Phototherapy & Electronic Point Detection, and an Exam Review.