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Brighten Your Eyes with Ear Seeds

Tuesday, June 18th at 10 am PT on Zoom
+ 6 month Access to the Replay

Unlock the secrets to healthier eyes with our comprehensive course, "Brighten Your Eyes with Ear Seeds."

This course covers the anatomy of the eye, the causes of common eye issues, and various medical conditions, with a special emphasis on dry eye syndrome.

You'll learn about specific auricular points that can benefit the eyes and gain insights from a detailed research study.

Sign up today and discover how ear seeds can help alleviate dry eye syndrome and improve overall eye health!

  • Journey Through the Anatomy of the Eye
  • Discover the Underlying Causes of Eye Issues
  • Recognize Key Symptoms of Eye Conditions
  • Utilize Effective Auricular Points for Eye Care
  • Explore Research Studies 
Brighten Your Eyes with Ear Seeds Class

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Brighten Your Eyes with Ear Seeds Online Class

Tuesday, June 18th at 10 am PT on Zoom
+ 6 Month Access to the Replay

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About your instructor

Hi! I’m Elie Goldschmidt

Internationally recognized auriculotherapy expert and educator, Elie Goldschmidt is the founder of, Ear Seeds Academy, and co-founder of Thrive Ear Seeds.

Drawing wisdom from Dr. Lichun Huang, the Mother of Auriculotherapy, and studying personally with Dr. Raphael Nogier, the son of the legendary "Father of Auriculotherapy," Dr. Paul Nogier Elie has honed his expertise. His passion for this beautiful modality shines through and deeply inspires his students, who now number in the thousands.

Elie's unique talent as an instructor lies in his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. His innovative Ear Seeds Certification training, first introduced in 2016, has completely reshaped the world of auriculotherapy. He's brought new life to this ancient practice, making it more accessible and practical for real-world use.

His mission is to empower healthcare professionals, making it effortless for them to integrate this powerful approach into their work, ultimately offering exceptional support to their clients.


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