Ear Seeding for Children's Health and Wellness: A Holistic Approach for the Top 10 Common Conditions 

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Ear Seeding for Children's Health and Wellness: 

A Holistic Approach for the Top 10 Common Conditions

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Are you looking for a natural and holistic approach to address the top 10 common health conditions in children?

Then it's time to learn about the therapeutic power of ear seeding and how it can improve your child's overall well-being without drugs or invasive procedures.

Ear seeding children is easier than you think! This interactive and engaging workshop will walk you through the art how to do it, so you'll feel confident you're getting the right points for the best results. 

If you're new to ear seeding, this is the perfect class to start with. You'll learn ear seed protocols and holistic health tips to effectively to address a range of pediatric conditions including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Focus/Memory
  • Sleep
  • Tummyaches
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Common Cold
  • Immunity Support
Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“If I could show you all... I've placed seeds on my asthmatic 11 y/o during this class and he is SOUND ASLEEP RIGHT NOW!”

Stop Cough with Ear Seeds Class

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“All very relevant and practical info.
People should be prepared for learning to be fun and inspiring! She obviously put in sooo much work and research to 1)get to this point and 2) put everything together in such a clear way to inspire others. THANKYOU!!!" ”

Affordable Acupuncture

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“Thank you Elie & Robin! You two are great teachers! I am enjoying these classes soooo much! It is great to have this healing tool”

Ear Seeds Class Attendee

This workshop will help you take back control of your child's health with natural tools that work with the body!

Ear seeding works on the the nervous system and support the body's natural healing mechanisms. Many parents get results quickly and kids love wearing ear seeds, so it's a win-win!

During this class we'll be covering the most common questions parents have about ear seeding their child including:

✓ How do I know if I got the right point?

✓ How long does it take to work?

✓ How long can kids wear ear seeds?

✓ Can I put ear seeds on my baby?

✓ What signs to look for to indicate it's time to take ear seeds off?

✓ What if an ear seed falls into my child's ear canal?

✓ Are there any side effects or contra-indications?

✓ Can my child wear ear seeds during bathing or swimming?

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Ear Seeding for Children's Health & Wellness:
A Holistic Approach for Top 10 Health Conditions


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“I have had the honor of knowing Robin for many many years. Her unique blend of expertise and compassion in treating children with Chinese medicine provides tremendous practical support for parents navigating the ups and downs of raising children.”

Author of Fire Child Water Child Director: TournesolKids.org

What are Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are small, round seeds made from natural materials like the vaccaria plant or 24k gold, stainless steel or silver pellets that are that are placed on specific points on the ear with a medical adhesive tape.


The pressure from the seed on the ear point helps to stimulate the numerous nerve branches on the ear connecting directly the the brain.

The brain, in turn, sends messages of homeostasis or balance to the corresponding area of the body. Ear seeds are non-invasive and virtually painless, making them an ideal option for those seeking natural treatments.

Nerve Branches How Ear Seeds Work

Your Workshops Hosts

Robin Green, L.Ac.

Robin Ray Green is a prominent pediatric health expert, author, speaker, and business coach. As the co-founder of Thrive Ear Seeds Educational Platform, Robin has been instrumental helping make auriculotherapy easy and accessible to parents and pediatric practitioners.

Robin's expertise in pediatric health has made her a renowned figure in the healthcare industry, and she is widely recognized for her work in the field of pediatric acupuncture.

Robin has shared the stage with notable speakers such as Dr. David Perlmutter, Jack Canfield, Dr. Pedram Shojai, Dr. Elisa Song, Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, Dr. Steve Cowan, Katie Wells of Wellness Mama, and many more. 

She is the best-selling author of Heal Your Child From The Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids. This Hay House published treasure offers practical tips for parents seeking lasting solutions to their child's health issues.

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I love all the information provided. Ear seeds are what we like to call magic beans, so many people have benefited from them it's amazing. I have had great success using ear seeds for pain control!”

Growing Our Mindset

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“Robin is a star. Her passion for pediatrics and her commitment to providing quality training is clear to anyone that works with her”

CEO, Heathy Seminars

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FAQs About this Class

The workshop is approximately 60 minutes long and is broken into smaller videos to make it easier to view and access.

You'll have access to the workshop videos for 6 months.

The workshop videos are located in the Thrive Ear Seeds Educational Portal online. 

Yes! If you're an active GROW or PRO member, this workshop and ongoing access to the replay is included as long as you're a member. The replay will be posted in the Ear Seeds Classes course inside of the membership 2-3 days after the live workshop.