The #1 Rule for Effective Ear Seeding Revealed

The World Health Organization attests that ear seeds auriculotherapy can treat over 150 health conditions. If you're wondering how a small seed can accomplish such an impressive feat, the answer lies in the process - the Ear Seeds Point Protocol.

The secret is choosing the correct corresponding points, whether you're working from an ear seeding chart for a particular condition or crafting a treatment protocol for a client. The right corresponding point can make all the difference—our founder, Elie, witnessed it firsthand.

At a show demonstrating ear seeding, a woman hobbled over to Elie, asking if ear seeding could alleviate her chronic heel pain. Elie applied ear seeds to the heel point only on both ears, and off she went.

Imagine our surprise when she returned to report her heel pain had disappeared!

This experience showcases that using the corresponding point is crucial to an effective treatment protocol.

What are Corresponding Points?

The father of auriculotherapy, Dr. Paul Nogier, discovered the ear was a microsystem of the body in the 1950s. The microsystem is represented by the "upside down baby" in the ear (see photo below).


He found that specific points on the ear correspond to different parts of the body. By stimulating these points with acupuncture, burning/scarring, acupressure, electro-stimulation, or phototherapy, practitioners could treat a variety of physical and emotional conditions.

But, there's an easier way for most people-- ear seeds.

What Are Ear Seeds?

Ear seeds are small, round seeds made from natural materials like the vaccaria plant or 24k gold, stainless steel or silver pellets that are that are placed on specific points on the ear with a medical adhesive tape.


Some ear seeds come with crystal embellishment making for stylish ear acupressure jewelry.

The pressure from the seed on the ear point helps to stimulate the numerous nerve branches on the ear connecting directly the the brain.

The brain, in turn, sends messages of homeostasis or balance to the corresponding area of the body. Ear seeds are non-invasive and virtually painless, making them an ideal option for those seeking natural treatments.

Nerve Branches How Ear Seeds Work

Experts Agree... Start with the Corresponding Point 

Renowned figures in the field of auriculotherapy such as Terry Oleson, the author of the Auriculotherapy Manual, and the "mother of auriculotherapy", Dr. Lichun Huang, greatly emphasize the importance of the corresponding point. Getting this first step right lays a solid foundation for the 5-step process of creating an ear seeding protocol that really works.

Not everyone will experience instant relief from one point. Indeed, most individuals won't.

Some ailments, particularly advanced or chronic ones, need a more comprehensive approach. That's why, we’re inviting you to our upcoming workshohp where we teach a five-step process for creating the perfect ear seeds treatment protocol.

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