A Guide to Managing Unpleasant Reactions to Ear Seeding for Newbies

Ear Seeding Reactions Blog Feature

There is no doubt that ear seeding has been recognized as a potent alternative health aid.

However, as beneficial as it can be, we have to acknowledge that occasionally, unpleasant reactions such as redness, swelling, or scabbing could occur. Whether you are trying it out yourself or are a practitioner guiding clients through their ear seed journey, learning how to handle these adverse reactions is important.

Below are some practical tips to curtail these symptoms and expedite healing in the event they occur:

1. Modifying the Duration of Wear

One pragmatic approach to preventing discomfort when using ear seeds is to alter how long you wear them. Wearing them continuously for extended periods might prove uncomfortable for some.

As a remedy, you could try out a schedule where you wear your ear seeds for 3 days, take a day or two of rest, and then replace them. This strategy permits your skin to breathe and rest.

Sensitive Ears Protocol

2. Applying Brio Tech Skin Spray

Another effective strategy to prevent discomfort or aid in recovery is the use of Brio Tech Skin Spray. Upon removing your ear seeds, a generous application of this skin spray could be a game-changer. As a natural solution, it is potent and yet gentle on your skin.

Brio Tech Skin Spray is known to expedite post-treatment healing, enhance skin health, and soothe any side effects resulting from the ear seeding process. A quick spritz a couple of times a day and you're sorted! Buy Brio Tech Skin Spray here: https://amzn.to/448gc6i

Brio Tech Skin Spray

3. Rotating the Points

An advanced strategy, particularly for those with exceptionally sensitive skin, is to reduce the number of points used in your ear seed protocol and rotate them. Beyond preventing discomfort, it also keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

Suppose you’re using ear seeds to alleviate headaches. You could use shen men, occiput, and temple points for 3 days, and then switch to liver, forehead, and thalamus points for another 3 days.

4. Changing the Type of Ear Seed

Interestingly, the type of ear seed used could also lead to some unexpected reactions. There are various types of ear seeds available, and sensitivity to some components used in these seeds varies among users. For instance, some companies still incorporate latex into their vaccaria ear seeds adhesive tape, to which some users might be allergic.

To avoid reactions from such components, we recommend purchasing your ear seeds from trusted brands like EarSeeds.com. Not only do they offer high-quality ear seeds, but their vaccaria seeds are also latex-free, offering reassurance for users concerned about potential latex sensitivity.

Furthermore, if you're sensitive to nickel, make sure to avoid the stainless steel ear seeds.

A safer alternative will be the 24k gold plated or vaccaria seeds. Always ensure that you are well-informed about the components used in your ear seeds to prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Ear seeding can be a journey full of discovery. The process often involves some trial and error, and while adverse reactions can occur, they shouldn't discourage you from exploring the immense benefits of this holistic method.

Remember that one unpleasant reaction does not predicate future experiences.

With thoughtful adjustments such as modifying the duration of wear, proper use of soothing skin sprays, rotating the application points, and choosing the right type of ear seeds, you can steer clear of further unpleasant reactions.

But it's paramount that in the event of a reaction, you give your ears ample time to heal before reapplying the seeds. Skin sensitivity varies, and allowing your skin to heal properly can lead to better experiences in the future.

We celebrate each step you take towards discovering a routine that works for you. With patience and attentiveness to your body's unique needs, we are confident that your ear seeding journey will be a rewarding and healing experience.

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Lauren Dorsey

I have a client I saw today that had the swelling and scabbing. She has been coming to me every week for about 6 months now for earseeds. I noticed this scabbing has been happening only since I switched to the new black strip earseeds (24k Gold). Did the metal change on those as well? Or something that could be causing this? She was getting so much relief before this and never had an issue. Thank you

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