We'll cover 45 conditions including:

  • Effective combos you can use instantly, on the go
  • How to treat unexpected conditions like motion sickness
  • Address temporary conditions like an allergy attack
  • Offer relief for back pain, sciatica, headaches & more
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress & more
  • BONUS! Pediatric combos for kids too
  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “I was so impressed with the class, so much info and I learned so many things. Your course actually gave the the confidence I needed to try something everyone has told me wouldn't work!”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “I loved the class and have been using many of the points on clients almost every day. It is increasing my income and the info is really helping people!”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “Easy, right to the point on big conditions, just absolutely amazing!”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “The information was very clear and extremely useful.”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “I loved how knowledgeable and kind Elie was! You could tell he is really passionate about what he does.”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “During the course there was a point shown for heel pain which worked amazingly well and immediately for me! ”

  • Thrive Ear Seeds Education

    “So much concise information, and very easily applicable points .”

Elie Goldschmidt, auriculotherapy expert, and founder of EarSeeds.com and Ear Seeds Academy

Elie and his wife Tova have put ear seeds and auriculotherapy on the map. His Ear Seeds Certification training has modernized auriculotherapy -- making it fun, accessible, and practical so health professionals can add this powerful modality to help  their clients. He's also a business and marketing expert with over two decades of experience helping health pros succeed in business.


Robin Ray Green is an author, speaker, pediatric acupuncture expert, and business coach.

Robin has trained thousands of acupuncturists to work with kids and auriculotherapy has always been an integral part of her treatment plans. She's created a health business with diversified income streams and has coached dozens of health professionals to do the same -- adding anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000 of additional revenue from offerings like ear seeds!