Unlock the Healing Potential of Ear Seeds for Your Practice 

Learn how ear seeds can regulate the vagus nerve, relieve pain & stress, enhance your treatments, and grow your practice

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Wed, May 17th @ 5 pm PT

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Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I just booked 3 new acupuncture clients from just 1 ear seed demo event! Wow, such a powerful way to grow my practice quickly!”

Falcon Healing Arts

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I have a salon in a very small town. Ear seeds have been one of the top win-win add-on services. It's been over a year and still a win-win! They're quick and easy on our bodies and supplies.”

Health & Beauty Head to Toe

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I love being able to do what I love the most, helping people find relief and feel amazing with ear seeds! ”

Discover how this powerful technique can elevate your health business to new heights.

Ear seeding is valuable stand-alone tool that can elevate your services and build your health business in a fun & easy way. 

In this master class, you'll learn how to use ear seeds to:

✓ What conditions ear seeds help & how they can enhance your treatments

✓ The science behind ear seeds & how they stimulate the vagus nerve

✓ Why ear seeds improve healing trajectories

✓ How you can improve clinical outcomes quickly with ear seeds & auricular diagnosis

✓ Use a service-based way to attract new clients and reactive clients with ear seeds

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Wed, May 17th @ 5 pm

Your Hosts & Auriculotherapy Experts

Robin Green & Elie Goldschmidt

Robin and Elie are ear seeds experts and the co-founders of Thrive Ear Seeds and Ear Seeds Ambassadors Club. They'll be co-teaching the upcoming Ear Seeds Mastery Certification, which starts in late May.

Our mission is to provide accessible resources that make auriculotherapy easy to learn and use for everyone. By helping health professionals incorporate ear seeds into their practices, we aim to strengthen their businesses while expanding their impact and improving patient outcomes. Join us in our mission to promote the use of ear seeds as a mainstream and widely recognized form of natural healing.

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FAQs About this Class

We have two options. You can register for the morning class on Tuesday, May 16th at 10 am PT or the evening class on Wednesday, May 17th at 5 pm PT. Convert to your time zone.

We will have a limited time replay for each class that ends on Sunday, May 21st at 11 pm PT.

The class will go for approximately 90 minutes.

Access to the replay ends on May 21st at 11 pm PT

You can watch this from your computer, or phone. We will be sending you a link via Zoom and you can watch it from anywhere. We recommend using a computer as smart phones may get cut off if your connection is weak and you will miss part of the class.