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Learn All The Skills Required to Master Ear Seeding & Auriculotherapy at Your Own Pace

We understand the pursuit of natural alternatives for well-being can be challenging, but you've come to the right place. Our Ear Seeds Mastery Certification Course is designed to guide you every step of the way, with a practical and systematic approach.

Embark on a journey of deep learning with a community that shares your values of health-consciousness, open-mindedness, and a holistic outlook on wellness. Experience the perfect blend of scientifically-backed content and intuitive explanation, empowering you to become the healer our world needs.

You're in the Right Place If...

You have a passion for helping others

If you have a deep aspiration to guide others towards wellness, without the overuse of medication, then you've found the right place. Here, we focus on providing natural healing through ear seeds.

You're a professional looking to add more to your practice:

As health professional, this course will add a highly effective, all-natural modality to your toolbox, providing a fresh approach to your clients' health and wellbeing.

Personal growth & skill enhancement matter to you:

Broaden your knowledge with a comprehensive study of auriculotherapy. You're in the right place if you want to feel more confident in applying alternative medicine practices that truly work.

You're driven by curiosity and interest in natural healing:

For those intrigued by alternative medicine, especially ear seeds, we provide an in-depth exploration into this ancient practice. We invite all who harbor this fascination to join us and live their passion.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Groups:

If your goal is to support unique populations like children with ADHD or veterans with PTSD, our course equips you with skills to create a profound impact on their well-being.

You want to bridge the gap between traditional & alternative approaches

If you're looking for an integrative approach that combines the efficacy of modern medicine with the holistic power of alternative therapies, congrats! You've found a nurturing space to learn it all.

The Ear Seeds Mastery Certification Will Build Your Confidence & Skills.

  • Master the art of safe and effective Ear Seed application
  • Boost your career with the powerful integration of ear seeds 
  • Forge a new, rewarding career path in auriculotherapy
  • Grasp the research that validates auriculotherapy's success
  • Gain clarity on the capabilities and limitations of Ear Seeds
  • Customize auricular protocols to alleviate pain & symptoms
  • Confidently set pricing for stand-alone ear seed treatments
  • Establish yourself as the go-to Ear Seeds expert 
  • Expand or start a practice, reach more clients, and make a greater impact

We Offer two Levels of Ear Seeds Mastery Certification

The Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification is your path to becoming an expert in Ear Seeding Therapy by training you in the foundational auriculotherapy skills you need to succeed. Once you have completed level 1, you can move on to Level 2 to apply what you've learned and train in advanced ear seeding protocols and auriculotherapy skills to skyrocket your confidence. Read below for more details.

Start Here

Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification

Looking for a quick start to offering professional ear seeding services or integrating ear seeding into your health practice?

The Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification is your ticket. This 3-month program focuses on the fundamentals of auricular point location, function, and diagnosis. We'll teach you how to start earning with ear seeds by the end of the program.

Embark on your journey to become an Ear Seeds Mastery Certified Practitioner. Once you've mastered Level 1, you can choose to advance your knowledge with Level 2, which includes Success Coaching to help you start your ear seeding business.

Next Step

Level 2 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification

Advance your skills, tackle complicated conditions, and skyrocket your confidence with Level 2, which includes Success Coaching to help you start your career.  This program will provide a thorough education in advanced auriculotherapy protocols, advanced auricular diagnosis and support & guidance in setting up your ear seeding practice or integrating it into your current practice.

This option is those who are serious about maximizing their impact, changing lives, and earning an income from professional ear seeding services.  Level 2 enrollment will reopen in early 2024.

 Our 3-Part Signature Learning System Makes it Easy

Avoid overwhelm & never-fall-behind with our with our simple-to-follow system  

Our foolproof method makes auriculotherapy and ear seeding accessible for everyone – from novices to seasoned pros. Our unique approach breaks the ear into zones, guiding you through a step-by-step journey to master auricular point locations and functions.

We then enrich this foundation with auricular diagnosis, bringing the ear to life and ensuring pinpoint accuracy in locating points, every single time. All along the way we'll be teaching you business and marketing so you can hit the ground running and start earning with ear seeding even while you're training.

See Everything That's Included


1. Auricular Point Location

Quickly learn point names and accurately identify their ear locations through our engaging live training sessions.

2. Auricular Point Function

Reinforce locations while delving into each point's unique function and uses during interactive live sessions.

3. Auricular Diagnosis

Explore our personal library of ear photos and  to identify various health conditions just by observing the ear.

Thrive Ear Seeds Education
Jason Meenan - EarSeeds Therapy, LTD, UK & Ireland

“This certification course changed my life. No joke! For those thinking about it... I average between 35 - 55 clients PER WEEK just using the knowledge from the [Level 1] Ear Seeds Certification. As mentioned, this is all I do. No other therapy and I have amazing successes every day. This build up very quickly. And I only started treating clients 2 years ago this week.”

EarSeeds Therapy, LTD, UK & Ireland

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I feel the class was set up great! The videos are really great and the fact the flash cards are color-coded was awesome! great ideas”

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I did it! Thank you so much for the knowledge you share. It has been interesting and I can hardly wait for the bonus material to come. Please let me know about future classes you offer. I am loving this!"”

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“This was such a fantastic course! I feel like I have gained really valuable knowledge and am prepared to practice with confidence. Thanks for everything!”

 Coming from a nursing background, discovering ear seeds has completely changed my scope of practice... as I started my own Ear Seeds business to help other people! Thank you again so much! It's an absolute blessing to even know you guys and be affiliated with you!  

-Marti Crawford, RN

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I was very pleased with this training for an online course it's one of the best I've taken. I felt like I was in a classroom. While going through the course I've ear seeded friends and family with great results, even they were shocked. I'm looking forward to combining this with foot reflexology & as a stand-alone service. Elie your knowledge and expertise clearly shows as does your passion for auriculotherapy. I felt this course was very clear and concise with excellent visual aids.”

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“It was an absolute pleasure to take this course. The presentation of each module and the support material was wonderful and better than any "hands-on, attend-in-person" class I've ever taken. I looked forward to every Saturday morning when each module was made available. I can't wait for the additional videos and any new material Elie and Tova come up with. Thank you so much for all of your work to bring Auriculotherapy and Ear Seeds to everyone!"”

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I was somewhat familiar with ear seeds. I had used ear seeds for weight loss 20 yrs ago, they work great. This is a great addition to my business. I loved the course, Elie took his time, really made me understand what I was learning. It was great to have real ear pictures. I have been telling my clients about them, they all want to try them. Thank you for letting me pay monthly. I think you are doing a wonderful job.”

Praise from Our Students


Anyone from Any Background Can Become a Certified Ear Seeds Practitioner


The good news is that anyone can start an ear seeding practice as long as they have a growth mindset and are willing to put in the effort like our successful program graduates.

Are you driven, motivated, and passionate about learning new skills? Are you comfortable with digital learning platforms and ready to dedicate your time to mastering a unique system?

If your answer is 'yes,' then our Ear Seeds Mastery Certification could be the perfect opportunity for you!

In this age of digital learning, the barriers to starting a new career are lower than ever before. With our comprehensive program, you don't need a background in health or wellness to succeed. We've designed our course to be accessible to everyone, including those who are brand new to ear seeding.

By the end of this certification, you'll have all the knowledge and tools you need to establish a thriving practice. But the learning doesn't stop there. You'll also be part of a growing community of ear seeding experts, offering ongoing support and opportunities to continue developing your skills.

This is an incredible opportunity to break into a growing niche market. By choosing to specialize in ear seeding, you're not only setting yourself apart from other wellness practitioners, but you're also positioning yourself to meet an increasing demand for these services.

Imagine the satisfaction of running your own successful business, helping others improve their wellness, and being recognized as an expert in your field. The Ear Seeds Mastery Certification is your first step towards making this a reality.

Join us on this journey, and together, let's change lives – starting with yours!

Testimonial Ear Seeds Pain Debbie

Testimonial Ear Seeds for Whole Family

Here's What's Included with Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification

Level 1 Certification Trans

Our 3-month program includes 12 Modules that cover:  

✓ Auricular Point Location

✓ Auricular Point Function

✓ Auricular Diagnosis

✓ Exam Review Class

✓ Ongoing Access to Course

✓ Digital Workbook & Flash Cards

BONUSES: 4 Business Training Classes & 1 Live Coaching Session ($700 Value)

You must pass the exam with a score of 70% or better to become a Level 1 Certified Ear Seeds Practitioner.™ Payments must be complete before you can take the certification exam.

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Choose your payment option. Pay in full and get the biggest savings. 3-month and 6-month payment plans are also available to make it more doable.
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Peace of Mind

From our money-back guarantee to recouping your investment quickly, you'll find the Ear Seeds Mastery Program a safe investment!

Recoup Your Investment Quickly...

What Our Grads Say...

How Successful are Our Certified Ear Seed Practitioners?


Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I am a holistic health practitioner. Prior to your course I had studied auriculotherapy, however, it was not as comprehensive and detailed as your course content. The entire course content and delivery was very well organized, structured and presented. This course has given me more confidence in terms of auricular diagnosing the particular ear pathology in order to better customize the correct treatment. I would highly recommend this course.”

Holistic Health Practitioner

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“Loved the course! I had no idea that so many points existed on the ear, and that so many conditions can be eased by the use of ear seeds. The course was highly informative, but with a relaxed presentation of the information. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I'm a social worker and I had a desire to find alternative ways to help children that do not require the use of medication if possible. The course was awesome! I loved the flash cards, the videos, and the ability to ask various questions. I have already been able to assist children, and myself with issues of concern in a non-evasive format. Most definitely take this course. You will learn a lot, it is easy to understand and vast amount of information and resources available”

Social Worker

Thrive Ear Seeds Education

“I completed your course in 5 months as I was able to take it at my own pace, which was very helpful. I also loved the thorough content of the materials, the extra study items (workbook & flashcards). The course is so well worth it, especially the monthly payment plan. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm, and positive outlook with all of us. Really looking forward to continuing this relationship with you and your business! I'm excited to begin my journey as an Ear Seeds Specialist and start my own practice!”

Level 1 Bonuses

You'll Also Get These Extras Valued at Over $1000


  • 3 Business Training Classes to help you start up or integrate your ear seeding business and grow your practice

  • 1 Live Coaching Session with Robin & Elie will be announced each quarter for new students

  • Continuing Education credits for 13 CEUs Acupuncturists and 8 CEs for Massage Therapists.

  • Digital certificates & badge provided upon completion of your training.

  • Get Listed on our Certified EarSeeds Directory.  Add your own comprehensive listing on our SEO optimized website where people go to search for a trained Ear Seeds Practitioner.

  • Digital Copy of Course Materials Included - high quality study guide with printable workbook and flash cards to help you memorize and retain the info.

  • Ongoing Access to 2023 Level 1 Course or Mastery Level Course - as long as we're offering this course and the platform and technology support the course format it will be there  for you.
Ear Seed Practioner

Your Questions Answered

FAQs About the Program

Find answers to some of the most common questions about the Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification Program.

Have more questions?   

Send Us Your Question

Yes. Ear seeds are non-invasive and don't enter the body or puncture the skin, so there are currently no licensing laws surrounding their use. As a result, individuals without a healthcare background can take our course to expand their knowledge for personal and familial reasons. Additionally, those who complete the course may choose to start a business or practice based on what they've learned.

After enrolling in the program, you'll have 7 days to request a refund (“Refund Period”). You'll be able to attend several classes in this time to make sure this program is a good fit for you. The amount you paid for the Program will be refunded back to your card less a 8% processing fee.

All fees after the Refund Period are non-refundable you're responsible for the full payment of the Program.

The Level 1 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification course is designed to be completed in 3 months, with a recommended time commitment of 2 hours per week for study. This allows participants to fully absorb the information and integrate it into their practice or personal use of ear seeds. While the course provides a structured curriculum, it is also flexible enough to allow for individual learning styles and schedules.

No. Ear seeds are non-invasive and don't enter the body or puncture the skin, so there are currently no licensing laws surrounding their use.

All the classes are pre-recorded. Upon signing up you'll unlock all the course modules and can and access the lessons in our membership site for flexible learning.

As part of our commitment to your success, we offer lifetime access to the course materials for as long as the platform technology allows. This means that you can revisit the content and continue to learn at your own pace, without any time limitations. We believe that ongoing access is essential for mastering the material and for applying it to your own personal and professional growth.

Our highly sought-after Ear Seeds Mastery Certification course is offered several times a year, providing an exclusive opportunity for practitioners and individuals alike to expand their knowledge and skills in the use of ear seeds. We have not set a date for next year yet.

It’s important to note that our class was NOT created as a CEU Class. It was created as a comprehensive training program designed to deliver the knowledge and confidence needed to help people with this incredible modality. CEUs were added later as a bonus for those who want them, at the request of our students. 

CEU's offered at this time are:
Acupuncturists: 13 CEU's
Massage Therapists: 8 CEU's
Nurses: 8 CEU's

The difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Ear Seeds Mastery Certification primarily lies in the depth and scope of the training.

Level 1 Certification provides a foundation in ear seeding, focusing on the fundamentals of auricular therapy. In this level, you will learn:

  1. Zone-by-zone auricular instruction for easy learning: This helps you understand the different areas of the ear and their corresponding body parts.
  2. Accurate location and combination of auricular points: This skill is essential to deliver effective treatments.
  3. Effective point protocol strategies: You'll learn the basics of how to best approach the treatment process.
  4. Mastery of auricular diagnosis and ear sign interpretation: This allows you to accurately assess the health conditions indicated by different areas of the ear.

Level 2 Certification, on the other hand, builds upon the foundational skills acquired in Level 1 by diving deeper into specific treatment strategies and practice development. The focus here is on more advanced and specialized techniques. This level includes:

  1. Protocols for common health conditions: You'll learn specific treatments for a variety of prevalent health issues.
  2. Advanced auricular diagnosis: This will enhance your ability to identify and address complex health conditions.
  3. Precision point location: This enhances the effectiveness of your treatments by improving the accuracy of seed placement.
  4. Personalized protocols to maximize client results: You'll learn to tailor treatment plans to individual clients for the best outcomes.
  5. Pediatric strategies: These special techniques are effective in treating children.
  6. Practice building strategies: This will provide you with the skills needed to grow and develop your professional practice.

In summary, Level 1 focuses on fundamental skills and understanding, while Level 2 delves into more specialized techniques and practice development.

Yes, it is a requirement to complete Level 1 before proceeding to Level 2 in our Ear Seeds Mastery Certification program. While we acknowledge that some participants may already have auriculotherapy training from other courses, we firmly believe that our foundational training in Level 1 is more comprehensive and robust than what is available elsewhere. Thus, we require everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience, to start with Level 1. This ensures that all participants have the same thorough grounding and understanding of the essential principles and techniques that our program uniquely offers.

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